Global Youth Climate Plan (GYCP) - Constitution Team

  • Online meetings every week (1 hour)
  • GYCP must have at least 50% youth and child members (8-24 years), min: 5, max: 15 members with regional diversity.
  • Estimated time commitment of core members: 5 h/week (1h meeting, 4h as-sumed tasks)

GYCP Principles

  • Transparency: Everything gets documented, all minutes and documents treated are posted on the website. Contributions are always welcome.
  • Inclusiveness: We actively seek out scientific advice and feedback of experts and the affected population on any matter we treat.
  • Feasibility: the Expert Advisory Team EAT will check each part of the plan with regards to its feasibility. and give a written comment on parts it considers as im-possible.
  • Consensus: We value the contributions of minorities and shall address their needs. Any issues that cannot be settled in the GYCP will be presented to the final conference and decided in a highly consensual manner there.

Organizing partners / coordination team

  • Contributions: funding, staff time, contacts,
  • Responsibilities: Fundraising, administration, approval of members and new organizing partners, coordination, timing, monitoring, selection and appointment of senior advisory board members
  • Regular online meetings as often as perceived necessary
  • Decisions: Normally consensus, in case of disagreement majority vote, one vote per organizing partner